• Corporate

    • Go Global

      Effortlessly distribute website management to multiple office locations with the highly usable, multi-lingual web CMS interface. Real-time widgets keep all your users connected and allow tasks and content to be easily shared.

    • Stay Secure

      Supports your existing user directory; assign specific roles in Amaxus to easily allocate functionality and content permissions. Create membership-based and personalized websites for your customers with secure content.

    • Reduce Costs, Improve ROI

      Integrate with back-end systems and remote services to offer advanced web applications for your staff and customers. An unlimited user, multiple-website license means you can deliver much more for much less.

  • Public Sector

    • Foster Innovation

      Engage with your audience and provide cutting-edge, efficient web services with social media modules, mobile support, APIs and AJAX technology.

    • Enable Every User

      From occasional to power users, the Amaxus interface has been designed by usability experts for all types of user: obvious simplicity for basic content authors, and endless potential and shortcuts for power users.

    • Join a Leading Community

      The Amaxus User Group includes numerous major Public Sector bodies. Participate in learning and networking opportunities that will help rethink how you use the web and inform the evolution of your online presence.

  • Marketers

    • Connect With Your Audience

      A flexible range of modules – including Newsletter, Events, Calendar, Blogs and Comments – help you communicate with stakeholders and promote your services, events and opportunities.

    • Ensure Quality

      Create and optimize content workflows that ensure the right people edit the right content at the right time. Built-in tools, including a spellchecker, keep your content correct, consistent and on-brand.

  • I.T.

    • Develop Anything

      With hundreds of existing modules, comprehensive professionally written technical documentation, open source code, and time-saving APIs and libraries, you can easily extend and develop cutting-edge functionality.

    • Slot Into Your Environment

      Developed with cross-platform PHP 5 technology, Amaxus can be easily deployed to existing Linux or Windows servers. The administration interface works seamlessly cross-browser and cross-platform, including Mac and PC.

    • Grow and Scale

      An unlimited user, unlimited website license means there’s no financial penalty for your success and growth. With support for advanced caching and cloud-computing, you can scale up and down with ease.

  • Classification

    Configurable Content Management System classification application in Amaxus
    Configurable metadata and classification systems let you organise and intelligently display hundreds of thousands of content items.
  • Widgets

    Amaxus Web CMS Widgets
    A growing library of widgets let you keep track of real-time activity in your CMS, on your website, and on your servers.
  • Interface

    The most easy to use Content Management System interface on the market
    Thousands of hours of usability research and interface design underpin the new Amaxus interface, maximising your productivity.
  • Media

    Media Player in the Amaxus CMS
    Manage and publish multimedia easily, with an integrated media player, dynamic image resizing, automatic image classification, and more.
  • SEO Checker

    The SEO Checker is integrated into the Web CMS
    An exclusive integrated SEO checker ensures that no matter who creates your content, it is analyzed using significant search-engine ranking factors.


Amaxus has been serving organisations’ digital needs for over a decade, powering sophisticated solutions for membership organisations, financial institutions, charitable organisations, public sector bodies, heritage and more.

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Conference microsite built on Amaxus’ powerful content delivery framework for ultimate flexibility.
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